Create better retirement opportunities for your employees by providing them with the right tools and information. Leonard Financial Solutions offers Social Security seminars for New Jersey businesses that explain how employees can easily navigate a complicated system and establish a stronger economic foundation for their future.  

Social Security Educational Seminars for Businesses in New Jersey

Our financial planning team provides free educational seminars for your employees to prepare them for understanding all aspects of their potential Social Security benefits. This is a great way to provide valuable information they can use as they’re nearing retirement age. Here are just a few factors we cover. 

Retirement Planning

Social Security often plays a crucial role in retirement planning. They’ll learn what affects the amount of retirement benefits they may receive, such as earnings history, as well as how claiming benefits at certain ages affects their expected income and the impact of early or delayed retirement. 

Eligibility and Benefits

We outline eligibility criteria for receiving Social Security benefits, including age requirements for retirement benefits, work history requirements, and specific criteria for disability benefits.

Survivor Benefits

Social Security survivor benefits are provided to the surviving family members of a deceased worker. We explain the eligibility criteria for different types of survivors, including spouses, children, and dependent parents. Our retirement planners also help your employees understand the process of applying for survivor benefits and the factors that may affect the amount of benefits received.

Application Process

Knowing when and how to apply for benefits is important as well. During our educational Social Security seminar for New Jersey businesses, we provide your staff with insight into how to make this process easier. And if you have employees with Medicare questions, we’ll provide insight into applying for that program as well. 

Additional Resources

We provide reputable sources of information on Social Security, such as government websites, publications, and online resources. These sources often provide detailed information on specific topics, calculators to estimate benefits, and answers to frequently asked questions.