As experienced financial advisors, we support individuals and businesses as they seek to grow their wealth, protect their assets, and transition into new ventures. We also help retirees navigate the shift to Medicare by explaining their coverage options. Learn about retirement accounts, annuities, Medicare Advantage plans, life insurance, income protection insurance, and other financial products here.

Financial Planning for IndividualsFinancial Planning for Individuals

The idea of developing a financial plan that involves investments, retirement accounts, annuities, and insurance policies can be overwhelming. But if you are banking on having your job for as long as you want it and hoping your 401k will allow you to retire when you choose, you could be in for a rude awakening.

Financial advisor Jonathan Leonard learned the hard way that a head-in-the-sand approach to financial planning is not the way to go. After watching his parents struggle during an economic recession, he decided to dedicate his professional life to helping people protect their wealth and retire on their own terms. Find out what Leonard Financial Solutions could do for you.

Medicare Insurance for SeniorsMedicare Insurance for Seniors

Is it time to enroll in Medicare? Are you confused by the ads you see on TV about all the options available to you? Contact Leonard Financial Solutions for help understanding the Medicare enrollment process and to get tips on how to make the most of your health care plan after turning 65.

As an experienced financial advisor, Jonathan Leonard understands the challenges of navigating retirement, including making the most of the Medicare choices available to you. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation to get your questions answered and to learn about your options for getting the most health care coverage for the least amount of money.

Financial Services for BusinessesFinancial Services for Businesses

Every business owner can benefit from the advice of an experienced financial planning professional. Regardless of the size of your business and whether you have employees or not, our professional financial planning services could give you the edge you need to push your business to the next level.

From employee retirement plans to disaster protection insurance, our business financial services team offers a range of options to help you maximize your profits, grow your team, and protect your investments. Reach out to us to learn more about what we offer businesses across New Jersey.